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Compete With Computer in Rock-Paper-Scissors

March 5, 2011

Can you beat the computer in rock-paper-scissors game?

Well, this interactive feature from New York Times can show you how the computer can beat you.

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Bill Cunningham New York

March 5, 2011

Last night while I browsed the trailers at Apple site, found this.

I first noticed Bill Cunningham’s works was his report on Cyclists/Pedestrians’ day on Park Ave in New York City. Since then, I have enjoyed watching his On the Street slideshows. Even though I don’t go after the fashion but love to see how real people actually wear in the city.

Therefore this documentary is interesting for me to see who Bill Cunningham, besides the voice over the On the Street, really is. And I love his bike!

Top Ten Composers

January 23, 2011

Anthony Tommasini, the chief music critique of New York Times, explores what makes a classical-music composer great in his series of videos. You can also vote your top ten composers there.

Currently, the top three from NYT readers’ votes are Beethoven, Bach and Mozart. It’s still too early to call Beethoven as number one, since their votes are pretty close. The fourth, far behind the top three, is Brahms.

Among these top ten picks by readers, Haydn and Debussy are not my favorites. I have few recordings on Haydn:

  • Piano Concerto played by Argerich & Faerber  — but I like Shostakovich’s in this album
  • Cello concertos by Harrell & Marriner — I bought this to expand my cello concerto collection. I found something interesting in one Adagio.
  • Two songs performed by Janet Baker from her Philips & Decca recordings (1961-1979)
  • Piano Sonata by Richter

I have more recordings in Debussy, mostly in chamber music and piano works through my favorite performers. However, I still cannot appreciate his music much. At least, for now; I might change my tastes when I grow older.

I have read Anthony Tommasini’s book about opera. It’s not bad for an opera newbie for me. But some reviewers in Amazon don’t agree with his choices of recordings.

Scali Bread

January 22, 2011

I have been baking bread every Saturday for a while. Tried the 100% whole wheat sandwich bread three times. Last week I used the regular recipe of 33% whole wheat for small batards. I found that I am pretty bad in handling wet dough.

This week I wanted to do something different. While browsing in The Fresh Loaf, I noticed SylviaH‘s posts about Scali bread and decided that this would be this weekend’s task.

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Have a Good Run for New Year

December 31, 2010

This is my third run, on the last day of 2010, and the 2nd time for a complete run. We got big snow after Christmas. Now the road is muddy, so I won’t go biking so soon (not until I install the mudguards/fenders).

Running is a new training I just picked up. I hope that this cross training can help my long-distance cycling in the coming year.

Happy New Year!

Baguette-Making Trial 1 – Some Failure, Some Success

December 18, 2010

I had tried again baking these two weeks (I’m a weekend baker). My first goal is to bake a very good baguette like what I saw in the bread books and in France.

Failed sourdough baguette

Last week, I used Carl’s starter and the no-knead bread recipe, but tried the baguette shaping. The later didn’t go well as you can see below.

The recipe is similar to this one in breadtopia but use longer fermentation in the fridge (37 hrs), followed by 11-hr fermentation at room temperature.

Just mixed. At that time, I measured the flour by volume, since my digital scale had not arrived yet. When compared with the one below, I think this was wetter.

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Concert on My Palm – App

December 13, 2010


You now can watch the free concert from through its iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad App. I tried it out and love it! 😀

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