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Concert on My Palm – App

December 13, 2010


You now can watch the free concert from through its iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad App. I tried it out and love it! 😀

The interface is simple and easy to use. You need the internet connection to use this app (it will check on the startup). The concert videos can be sorted by artists

or by date in the calendar

When clicking at one, you can see a very short description about the program (scrolling down).

Click to play. It only takes few ten seconds, depending on your internet connection, and you will be able to enjoy the concert. Here is the screenshot.

The video quality is great, better than watching from the web browser (not HQ quality). The sound quality is all right, not as good in my music collection but quite acceptable. If you use the Apple’s earphones, you might find the sound quality good enough; if you use better headphones, you would notice the difference.

However, for the earlier concerts, even though they are still listed in this app, they cannot be played anymore. Like this, it’s too bad. 😦

I wish there’s similar app for opera. Will Met consider it? 😉

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