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Google Pushes Google Public Profile to Picasa Web Albums Users

December 12, 2010

Since yesterday whenever I go to my Picasa Web Albums, this windows comes up.

Now Google asks all Picasa Web Albums Users to create his/her Google Public Profile. “You NEED“, that’s Google’s words. Google only gives the users two choices: use Gmail ID (which means, expose your email ID in public albums) or the ID number as your url address. You can associate your photo albums with another Google public profile, but you don’t have a choice to not to create your public profile.

When Google Operating System first reported this linking your Picasa Web Albums in August, it’s not like that:

At that time you could choose not to and they didn’t bother you the same question whenever you logged in (unlike YouTube, which asks you every time). In that post, it said:

It’s interesting that Picasa Web’s code calls this feature “merged profiles softlaunch”, which suggests that users aren’t required to merge profiles, but that will change in the future.

Now, Google wants everyone to create the public profile. Why? One needs a public profile for using the photo albums, even when these albums are not in public search? What is Google playing in this mandatory public profile?

I just don’t like it at all.

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