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Inflate Tires with Nitrogen?

October 20, 2010

Is it worth the money? Honestly, no. Pumping tires with nitrogen is already an old news. People probably have known better than several years ago. However, I was surprised to read this story reported by Lennard Zinn in VeloNews. (Shouldn’t Mr. Zinn know better? 😕 )

You may well wonder why you’d want to inflate a tire with $3 worth of nitrogen instead of with free air. David Finlayson, Prestacycle founder and president, claims that a tire holds nitrogen pressure six times longer than it does with air. He explains that it is the oxygen that escapes fastest, so eliminating it keeps tires tight longer.

Oh, dear. 🙄 Let’s get the fact straight. Nitrogen molecule is slightly lighter and smaller than oxygen molecule. Check the periodic table. Where is the claim saying that a tire with nitrogen stayed inflated longer?

Don’t be fooled by these nonsense advertisements.

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