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Alex Moulton’s Scientific Way of Bike Building

August 9, 2010

Below is a video about the founder and creator of Moulton Bikes, Dr. Alex Moulton – The Innovative Engineer. The video was made in 1998 by SmallPiece. The location of filming was Dr. Moulton’s home and workshop near Bath in England.

The video seems to be for educational purpose as well. It lists “Teaching points” after the credits:

  • Create a concept by sketching
  • Calculations are essential
  • Computers may constrain concepts
  • Understand engineering materials
  • Design for manufacture
  • Thorough testing matters
  • Field trials are important

It’s about the time when Moulton introduced the New Series model. Since then the bicycles have been updated considerably. However, the ideas behind the design and engineering fundamentals are still fascinating.

The more I know about Moulton’s bikes the more I would like to ride on one. It looks like a speedy yet comfortable road bike for long-distance cycling.

Further readings:

About New Series (NS)

The New Series was developed from AM models. The main change is in the suspension. The sprung front fork is a parallelogram arrangement with anti-dive characteristics. The pivots of the parallelogram are Flexitor rubber-in-torsion units, which provide the springing. It has a manual soft lock-out facility, which can be used, say, when riding out of the saddle. The rear suspension is Hydrolastic and incorporates a unified rear triangle. In this the bottom bracket forms part of the pivoting assembly, thus minimizing rear suspension bounce when pedaling vigorously.

From AM’s Heritage

2001 – Dan Farrell (on NS SPEED) completes the world’s longest randonnee, the 1400km London-Edinburgh-London in 100 hours.

2003 – Chloe Williams (on NS SPEED) completes Paris-Brest-Paris, a 1200km randonnee, as youngest female finisher and wins the Audax UK Merit Trophy for most outstanding cycling performance of the year. Dan Farrell rides PBP on prototype TSR.

Here you can read the article about their PBP 2003 event.

Alex Moulton’s memoir: From Bristol to Bradford-on-Avon – a lifetime in Engineering

Bikeradar’s review of Moulton Twin Pylon | £5950 (2008) – well, it seems to me that the top-end Double Pylon costs £15,000. Wow.

(via Cozy Beehive)

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