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Argerich in Lugano 2010

June 28, 2010

As usual, the ninth MARTHA ARGERICH PROJECT starts in Lugano after Argerich’s birthday (6/5) from June 11 to July 1. This music festival is not just about Argerich. It’s designed as a showcase for ensemble music, presented as a workshop, with talented young musicians and lesser-known artists as well as famous ones. The themes of this year’s programme are, no doubt, Chopin & Schumann’s works.

EuroNews gives a nice short video about this festival: Martha Argerich Uncovered. The part about Argerich on this video is:

Reporter: “Why is so complicated to get an interview with you?”

Argerich: “I don’t know why it is complicated.”

Reporter : “I heard that you didn’t practice much.”

Argerich: “It’s not because of rehearsal. I’m worried because …” Then she started talking about some sad news she read. That kind of sad news makes rehearsal sound trivial. LOL. May I say the same thing to the teacher, explaining why I didn’t do the homework?

kimolerik has also uploaded several videos of the concerts in Lugano 2010. That’s really great since most of us couldn’t go to Lugano.

Next year, Argerich will be 70. I wish I can stay there for a whole week in the end of June, if not three weeks, and that will be my unforgettable birthday too. šŸ˜€

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