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JabRef Basics – Sort & Filter Your Items (vs Zotero)

May 28, 2010

Zotero team recently upload a short clip about sorting function in Zotero to help you find the item you want.

How can you do in JabRef? In fact combining with its Group & Search windows, finding the particular items will be quite easy in JabRef. (JabRef calls them “entries”)

Sorting Part:

First you can set your default sorting order when saving or exporting your database file.

Then in “Entry table columns” you set which field to show up in your table.

In “Entry table”, you can format the names of authors & editors, as well as the default sort criteria.

You can change the sort criterion by clicking at the column name (make it as the primary one), just like the way in Zotero.

Filtering Part:

But sometimes sorting is not fast enough to find the particular item you’re looking for.

You can type the words, specifying in which field if necessary, in Search window.

Or use Group window to filter the certain topics

When creating a group or a subgroup, you can specify the properties (can be edited later). You can manually assign the group when adding a new entry or let JabRef assign by keyword or a search expression. Hierarchical context will affect how you see the entries.

This is also very helpful when writing a long article with several chapters. Create a group of all your references and assign them into different groups based on their topics.

Scanning part:

In above Zotero Sorting demo, it said through sorting you can find the duplicate items easily. In JabRef, this can be done by simply running a scan on your database.

Beside finding duplicates, it can also synchronize file links. Very handy. 🙂

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