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Physics Speaks for Itself

May 14, 2010

Three talks about fast-moving fields in physics are now available in APS Physics website. You can watch the video and the accompanying slides there.

Optomechanical Devices by Florian Marquardt

The interplay of light and mechanical motion on the nanoscale has emerged as a very fruitful research topic during the past few years. Optomechanical systems are now explored as ultrasensitive force and displacement sensors. By using light to cool a mechanical system to its quantum ground state, researchers hope to explore the foundations of quantum mechanics in a new regime.

Spintronics by David Awschalom

The spin-orbit interaction in the solid state offers several versatile all-electrical routes for generating, manipulating, and routing spin-polarized charge currents in semiconductors. Recent experiments have explored several guises of this effect for the nascent field of spintronics. These include new opportunities for making the transition from fundamental studies to a spin-based technology for classical and quantum information processing.

Iron-Age Superconductors by Michael Norman

A new class of high-temperature superconductors has been discovered in layered iron arsenides. In these materials, magnetism and superconductivity appear to be intimately related. Results in this rapidly moving field may shed light on the still unsolved problem of high-temperature cuprate superconductivity.

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