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Argerich and Friends in Rome & Paris

March 24, 2010

As mentioned earlier, thanks for kimolerik, we can watch Argerich’s playing in YouTube.

Piazzolla, 3 Tangos (Martha Argerich & Eduardo Hubert (March 2010))

  1. Tres minutos con la realidad
  2. Oblivion (with Geza Hosszu-Legocky, violin)
  3. Libertango

As for the first three minutes in #1, get the right chair for the pianist!  😆

Mores & Padula (Martha Argerich and Alejandro Petrasso (March 2010))

I never heard of these two small pieces. Quite interesting.

Besides the concerts in Paris, here is the playlist of Martha Argerich & friends in Rome for two concerts – March 14-17, 2010

  • Buchardo, “Cancion del carretero” & Lasala, “Chacarera”
  • Piazzolla, 3 Tangos (two-piano version)
  • Marconi, “Moda Tango”
  • Hubert, “Martulango”
  • Piazzolla, “Tres minutos con la realidad” (chamber-music version)
  • Guastavino, “Bailecito”
  • Hubert, “Samba wie Bach oder Haydn?” (for Nelson Freire’s birthday in 2004)

This one, “Von fremden Ländern und Menschen” (Kinderszenen, No. 1) by J.Bosso/R.Schumann, is recorded at Progetto Martha Argerich in Lugano in 2007 (Martha Argerich & the Choir Clairière).


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