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Problems in My Windows 7 Installation

March 4, 2010

Mad PC

Since the motherboard of my old PC doesn’t support Windows 7 (at least, that’s what the motherboard company Asus said), I decided to buy a whole new computer (assembled) with a widescreen LCD. My 4.5+ year-old computer with 19″ LCD is all right (since I already upgraded the memory to 3GB), except that the LCD is not bright any more. I just want to try the new Windows OS. 😳 Well, if I knew I would have so many troubles, I wouldn’t do so in the week before I’m going to attend the conference.

Here they are.

Problem 1: Relocate Users folder

The installation of Windows 7 Enterprise wouldn’t be a problem at all, if I didn’t try to change the default location of Users. This was the start of my Win 7 nightmare.

Following the instruction posted in Lifehackers via the reader Roobs‘s tip, I got the the error message after inputting my password: “User profile service failed at logon”. Tried to restore to my previous restore point, but Windows said that restoration isn’t complete and when restarting Windows, the problem still remained.

Then I looked into the readers’ comments (which aren’t shown all by default), and found that many readers already had that problem! Wish I read the comments first! How strange is that Lifehacker does not respond to this problem. I had to reinstall Windows 7 and drivers again.

Reader jasperlotus pointed out that Roobs‘s procedure lacks one argument in using robocopy: \copyall. I also saw such method mentioned elsewhere (e.g. this post). I was so stubborn and I tried it once again (reinstallation). Still got the same error message “User profile service failed at logon”!

In the end, after looking for solutions over the internet, I then decided with the safe method: Move via Folder Properties, leaving AppData (which is hidden from the explorer) in the system drive (C:).

  1. Enable the viewing of hidden and system files in Control\Folder Options\View.
  2. Move the following folders to your desire location. Right click at each of the following folder and select Properties/Location:
  • Contacts
  • Desktop
  • Downloads
  • Favorites
  • Links
  • My Documents
  • My Music
  • My Pictures
  • My Videos
  • Saved Games
  • Searches

This method is similar to how we move My Documents in Windows XP, so I’m OK with that. Moving AppData isn’t really necessary. If something goes wrong in the system drive so that you need to reinstall OS, then you have to reinstall the applications as well.

Problem 2: PCI Simple Communication Controller Error

During my several installations of Windows 7 Enterprise on my new PC, I found this error in my final installation. The driver was not installed properly and Windows 7 couldn’t find it either.

I googled the solution and it turned out that many people had the same problem in installing Windows 7. Some people pointed to Realtek. I then went to Asus to download the latest drivers for P7H55M-Pro motherboard for chipset (Intel), Audio (Realtek) and LAN (Realtek). But that sill didn’t solve the problem. Since the front USB ports didn’t work well sometimes (see below) so I kind of hoped removing this error would help the other problem.

In the end, I found out what’s wrong. I forgot to install “Management Engine Interface” in the last reinstallation of Windows 7. This is from Intel, not Realtek. If you also have similar problem, make sure that you have installed all the drivers from the disc.

Problem 3: USB Device Not Recognized

Before I solved the problems above, Windows 7 had (has) problem in recognizing my USB thumb drives. I tested three thumb drives with the USB ports in the front panel. All failed in recognizing the drive. Sometimes it even failed when I plugged it in the ports in the back.

I’m sure that my thumb drives are working fine (tested with other machines). So, I couldn’t understand whether it’s the hardware problem or the software? 😕

The solution for Problem 3 is still pending. 😦

[Update] After testing with other system drive, Problem 3 should be the wiring of the computer case, not Windows 7. Case dismissed.

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