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Gmail Settings Page Now Has Buzz Option

February 19, 2010

Before I said that I turned Google Buzz off by clicking in the bottom of Gmail Inbox page. Notice that this does not disable Google Buzz. If you have posted to Google Buzz and then regret the exposure of your privacy, you need to go to Buzz tab in Gmail Settings to disable it (blue circle). Simply clicking at “turn off buzz” only hide the Buzz tab in Gmail. Your posts and the list of people you follow will still in your public profile.

On top is the screenshot of my Buzz settings after I turned Buzz off (yellow line). Also notice that Google enables the display of your following lists as default (red line).

When you click at “Disable Google Buzz”, another window will show up:

If you choose “Yes”, not only it will delete the people you follow in Buzz, but also in Google Reader. I wish that they can let you choose which Google product to delete. For instance, you may wish to maintain your sharing setting in Google Reader.

Google is trying to integrate their products in a one social-sharing service Buzz. But the settings for handling such an integration still seems messy to me. 🙄 Google Buzz still has lots of things to improve.

Related recent article:

Funny, isn’t it? It’s a running joke that Google labels many of its services as “beta” (meaning “in testing”) — and leaves that label in place for years. And here’s Buzz, a truly beta product that isn’t labeled that way.

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