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Science News & Articles from Nature in Your iPhone

February 6, 2010 has launched its iPhone application for you to check the latest science news stories and research articles* from Nature Publishing Group.

Here are the listed features

  • Great reading experience
  • Save for later
  • Saved searches
  • Zoom and pan figures
  • Easy references

I was really excited to check what it can offer and immediately installed it on my iPod Touch.

The setting menu. Here I set the fullscreen on, and others use the default settings.
Nature App 03

When starting Nature iPhone app for the first time, it will ask you to log in or create a new account. After doing so, you see the front page like this:
Nature App 01

When scrolling down the list, it will download the thumbnail picture for each article. But when clicking at one to read, the article sometimes doesn’t have any picture, like this one (fullscreen on)
Nature App 04

When double-tapping the screen, it brings up the top menu. Then you can either go back to the front page or do something with this article by clicking at the top right icon like this:
Nature App 02

When clicking at the highlighted citation number, it will shows the reference on a new screen (why not a pop-up screen?).
Nature App 05

I haven’t tried the saved searches yet. One thing I couldn’t get it is the picture zooming or panning. No matter how I finger-tapped or pushed on the picture, it still remained unchanged. πŸ˜•

Initially I thought I could choose which journal updates to download, according to this:

Tell the app which journals you’re interested in or set up saved searches, which will show you the titles and abstracts of new articles from any journals in PubMed that match your key words.

But I just couldn’t find this option anywhere in the settings. Should I set up a saved search to do so? πŸ˜• [OK, according to the FAQ, currently only content from Nature journal is available; there will be other journals in the future]

Another lacking feature is to change the font size. To me, this font size is all right, but it may not be enough for those senior researchers and professors. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, this is a good start, except some small bugs. I will keep the app. πŸ™‚ Maybe Science Magazine or other research journals would follow up soon?

* As mentioned in the FAQ, during the preview period you don’t need the site license or subscription to read the full text articles through iPhone app. But eventually this will change.

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