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iPod Touch Start-up Time

January 12, 2010


Just bought an iPod Touch 32GB last week. Installed five apps so far: Stanza, Louvre Museum, free French Tutor, and New York Times.

“Love this app. Also New York Times app.”

I’m having fun with this new gadget. It is certainly better than my old PDA Palm TE2 (bought in 2005). I kind of treat this as an replacement of my old PDA. What I didn’t do much with TE2 was to listen to music. Now with this new iPod Touch, I certainly can enjoy the music more, plus learning a language or two. 🙂

Before I never considered I’d buy an iPod device, mainly because I don’t like iTunes and it doesn’t support flac. But it does have some advantages, e.g. various applications to choose from. I am still not used to iTunes (never used it before), e.g. how it handles the syncs in applications. Still need to read the user guide.

Anyway, I just notice that my iPod Touch is not instantly on when I press the power button. So, how long does it talk? Well, let’s find out.

I started the timer when the apple icon appears.
Still running

It’s done.

It takes about 16.8 sec. I did the timing twice and got the same result. I’m not sure whether the fresh iPod Touch without any extra app will start faster or not.

Well, it’s not fast as compared with Palm TE2. How does this compare with other systems? 😕

The back of the iPod is easy to get scratches. 😦 I’m now use some cloth before my order of an iPod case arrives.

By the way, can they make a device that is shining and fingerprint-proof? 🙄

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