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Google Pushes Chrome with Google Earth Download

December 18, 2009

When I tried to download the latest update for Google Earth (from 5.0). At the first time I clicked “Agree and Download” and a pop-up window showed up asking me where to save googleupdatesetup.exe. Somehow I noticed something different in the previous page, so I went back and looked carefully.

When you ask for Google Earth, Google gives you Chrome for free? Well, that’s all right if they want to sell Google Chrome, but please don’t put it as the default setting.

I have tried Chrome before and I don’t want it. It will make me feel terrible if later I find Google Chrome is installed in my PC, even though it’s because I don’t notice the default option on the download page.

Further more, there’s an advanced setup below the download button. When you click at it, you will see the two options enabled:

I optioned off the automatic update, because I don’t know how Google does it. Remember that annoying Google Update? Google later changed its way to handle updates but …

Clicked the download buttoning, a pop-up asked me where to save GoogleEarthWin.exe. So, what’s that googleupdatesetup.exe at my first try?

During the installation, wanna-be smart Google uses the language set for non-unicode programs in my PC. I wish they can be smarter to notice that English is set in my Regional Option. 🙄

Toward the end of installation, it has two options enabled: one is to start Google Earth, and the other is the third option in above screenshot, which I never enabled!

Google, aren’t you too pushy? 🙄

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