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Update for Nook – Demos Out for Review But Not Ready to Ship Yet

December 9, 2009

First, B&N won’t be able to ship the Nook before 2010 (Reuters). Meanwhile, you can read the reviews based on the demos from different sites to see whether you’re going to wait.

  • Your First Look at Nook (Technologizer) – also provides the comparison chat of specs in Nook, Kindle and Sony Reader Touch.

A mostly appealing collection of features add up to the Kindle’s most formidable rival. It’s definitely a 1.0 product, though, with a slow, sometimes clunky interface.

Nook has a leg up on the competition … by providing an attractive package and feature set, offering personalization (via add ons and accessories), a huge selection of books, perks like the LendMe feature, that color screen, and the excellent buying experience. On the other hand, when it came to day to day use, we felt let down in a big way

It seems to me that the software or the user interface part is the main weakness in Nook. But I guess that depends on person and I don’t care about some of their complaints. For instance, Gizmodo reviewer said: “why isn’t there AAC playback?” In that case, should I complain that why there isn’t flac playback? 🙄

Also, some people care about the reading experience of PDF in Nook (or in Kindle). I have to said that, PDF is not created for ebook reading. Therefore, the reading experience cannot be the same sa ePub or other ebook formats. Either you read it in its own native format (PDF) or in the converted format (e.g. to ePub). The former will give you the same experience as you read in computer or laptop (cannot change the layout & font size; only zoom the whole thing), while the latter might give you better reading experience if the conversion is done right.

For the conversion from PDF file, you can look into Calibre (the best ebook library with lots of conversion tools) or Mobipocket Reader.

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