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To Rossini’s Aria – Di Tanti Palpiti

November 22, 2009
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After listening to Paganini’s variations on Rossini’s works, of course I was intrigued in the original aria by Rossini. Then began my quest to find out more about “Di Tanti Palpiti”.

The first place to check was YouTube. That’s how I got to know Vesselina Kasarova. (well, I saw some youtube clips of her performance before but I just didn’t register her name).

No one would miss the classic performance by Marilyn Horne. You can find two videos of her singing in YouTube: one is live performance in 1977 (the main tune starts at 4:25) and the other in 1989 (starts at 4:05). My first impression is that I didn’t like Marilyn Horne’s acting on this (she didn’t look like this role 🙂 ). However, later I started to appreciate her voice (see below). Her presentation does not have much emotion though.

Digging further, I found the comparison clips posted by LindoroRossini. LindoroRossini also gave a detailed account on this aria (go to either the following videos at YouTube and look at “more info”).

Marilyn Horne, Lucia Valentini-Terrani (at 2:53) & Agnes Baltsa (at 5:35)

And Ewa Podles*, Vesselina Kasarova (at 3:00) & Jennifer Larmore (at 6:00)

Which interpretation do you like? 🙂

For easy comparison, I ripped the MP3 files from the above video clips. My personal favorite is the first YouTube clip in my post. Maybe it’s because it’s the first one I liked or maybe it’s her facial expression when singing this aria. Kasarova sounded a little different as compared with her early recording (appeared in LindoroRossini’s comparison video). Horne’s singing here sounds better than the early two stage performances I found. And I got to like her interpretation more.

There are another two mezzo-soprano’s clips at YouTube: Cecilia Bartoli (from her debut album “A Portrait” in 1995) and Elina Garanca (from “Bel Canto” in 2009). To me, their voices are not fit to the role, but that’s just my subjective preference. 😛

After listening to this aria so many times, I even wanted to learn how to sing it by myself. 🙂 (Singing is not difficult but singing well is.)

* Performed at Opera Boston this October.


Di tanti palpiti,
di tante pene,
da te mio bene,
spero mercè.
Mi rivedrai,
ti rivedrò.  [ti rivedrò.]
Ne’ tuoi bei rai
mi pascerò.
Deliri – sospiri…
accenti – contenti!
[Deliri – sospiri…
accenti – contenti!]
Sarà felice – il cor mel dice,
il mio destino – vicino a te.

[Mi rivedrai,
ti rivedrò.  (ti rivedrò.)
Ne’ tuoi bei rai
mi pascerò.

Mi rivedrai,
ti rivedrò.
Ne’ tuoi bei rai
mi pascerò]

Further Readings

  • Study Guide to Tancredi by Opera Boston (featured in 2009/2010 season).
  • Tancredi – Marilyn Horne & Lella Cuberli and Ralf Weikert (conducting) CBS (live) [Amazon – out of print; reviewed by Opera Quarterly]
  • Tancredi – Vesselina Kasarova & Eva Mei and Roberto Abbado (conducting) RCA [Amazon -out of print; reviewed by Opera Quarterly]
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  1. Brien permalink
    January 27, 2011 1:36 am

    Hi Wildeny
    Thanks for the lyrics to Di Tanti Palpito. I love the opera Tancredi and love to compare the singers. I used to enjoy Ms Horne until I saw the YouTube clip of Valentini- Terrani( Also, check out the duet between Valentini/Rolandi (, it is such beautiful music and sung so beautifully and with such excellent interpretation, that this has become my favourit version of Tancredi. Also, I’d suggest looking at Rolandi singing Gusto dio ( she’s not the best singer but her acting is so good that I tend to get lost in the aria, I’m so moved by it. Thanks again. Brien

    • January 27, 2011 7:02 am

      Hi, Brien:
      Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll check out these video clips. 🙂

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