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Google Chrome OS Introduction Video and Other Thoughts

November 20, 2009

There you go. The simple idea is the following:

You spend too much time on the internet, so let’s put everything on the internet. Except the browser, which is the bridge between here (you) and elsewhere.

(BTW, I like these little drawings on their presentation)

Around 1:20, the presenter talks about how long the fast computer take to boot (45 seconds; ya, that’s also about the average time for Lifehacker readers on the last poll), and says, what if the instance the computer is on, you’re already on the internet at seconds?

That reminds me immediately Palm OS PDAs. On the era of PDA (personal digital assistant), the charm of Palm OS PDA is that you start to get your application by pressing on or even any application buttons. Sweet, isn’t it? People first loved this kind of convenience, but after Microsoft Pocket PC devices came out, and later smartphones, the popularity of Palm OS PDAs continued to decrease and is almost gone today.

Why? Pocket PC is much slower to boot up. I guess, it’s the multimedia (e.g. movies, music & even game) that people cared about and the stuff that they wanted to do on PC as well as on these small devices (e.g. MS office). Therefore people could tolerate a little bit longer time on Pocket PC instead of the instead-on Palm OS PDA.

Now go back to Chrome OS. Will people embrace the idea of doing (working) everything on the internet instead of on your solid machine (which can be connected to internet of course)? That depends on what you’re working, but it’s quite likely that many people, especially “light” software users, would certainly jump on that idea.

I wouldn’t dream of editing or cutting video clips on the internet. Photos are OK, but even working on the images I still prefer do that on my solid machine. Not mention working on preparing presentation of my works over the internet. When talking about the time, I prefer to wait a little bit long on booting time or take a little bit care on my solid machine so that I can work faster on these stuffs. 45 seconds is nothing as compared with the time you take to upload files to the internet to work over there.

It’s not that I disagree with the idea of browser OS. Certainly it has its own merits and some people can benefit from that simple and easy-to-maintain system. But it’s not for everyone and cannot be replaced by your solid OS machine yet. Not at this moment. But maybe things will change in the future.

See also: First Glimpse at Google Chrome OS (Lifehacker)

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