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Conspiracy of Bread

November 18, 2009

You probably never though how a piece of bread could ruin the quest of particle physicists.

Throwing a baguette in the works ( blog):

The 27 km circumference LHC (Large Hardron Collider) has eight sectors, each 3.3 km long. Each sector has a cooling station, or “cryoplant”, which helps the machine get down to the chilly temperature of 4.2 K.

The crusty piece of bread was found in one of the cryoplants and happened to be lying on a busbar — an electrical connection made of copper that are generally wide and flat to allow heat to dissipate more easily.

The well placed baguette then caused a short circuit in the cryogenic equipment that heated one of the sectors to around 10 K.

CERN’s spokeswoman told the Times, “The best guess is that it was dropped by a bird, either that or it was thrown out of a passing aeroplane”

The guess on the bird sounds possible, but throwing out of an aeroplane? 😕 I wonder how big that piece of bread was.

Sometimes we have a sudden power cut due to some small animals running into the generator room. Let’s hope that no mouses seek their winter food there. 😉

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