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111 Years of Deutsche Grammophon – Contest

October 25, 2009

Deutsche Grammophon currently celebrates their 111 birthdays. They release three specially priced box sets of 55CDs and a deluxe book on the history of Deutsche Grammophon.

That’s really a big collection, but for classical music fans, they must have own quite a few CDs from DG. I wonder who is going to buy this collection. 😕 A classical music newbie, or some rich person to show off? Opera Chic commented the package design looks like McDonalds‘. Would you buy a big DG?

Even though you may not be interested in getting another big box into your collection, you can enter their contest (international site) and see whether you can win the 7-day cruise for you & your companion. The 2nd and 111 third prizes are not really attractive, though. 😉

My problem with this contest is that you can only submit three albums from their category of 3256 albums. Just THREE! That’s a very difficult choice. How can I pick ONLY three?

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