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Nobel Prize Sees the Light in Physics

October 7, 2009

Very useful this time (& easy to understand). 😉

Nobel Awarded for Advances in Harnessing Light” from New York Times

The mastery of light through technology was the theme of this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics as the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences honored breakthroughs in fiber optics and digital photography.

Half of the $1.4 million prize went to Charles K. Kao for insights in the mid-1960s about how to get light to travel long distances through glass strands, leading to a revolution in fiber optic cables. The other half of the prize was shared by two researchers at Bell Labs, Willard S. Boyle and George E. Smith, for inventing the semiconductor sensor known as a charge-coupled device, or CCD for short. CCDs now fill digital cameras by the millions.

Physics is not so deep in their own ivory tower. 😉 Other good examples are the invention of transistor and the discovery of giant magnetoresistance (application like your hard drive). Both were awarded with Nobel Prize in Physics (1956 & 2007).

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