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Improved KeepNote Is a Keeper

September 18, 2009

As mentioned before, I think KeepNote has the potential to replace the tree-structure tabbed editor, KeyNote:

I think KeepNote is quite promising and close to KeyNote I’m using. KeepNote currently handles images & web links better than KeyNote, but doesn’t have these features in KeyNote yet. Such as, customized icons & child nodes (soon in 0.52), links between notes and tabbed browsing. Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on this software. 🙂

Well, in the latest version, 0.6, KeepNote has added these features:

  • Customize icons next to your notes (from the default selection or your own collection) (0.5.2)
  • Add child page (0.5.2)
  • Add file attachment (0.5.3)
  • Add HTML export (0.6)
  • Add note-to-note links (0.6)

It now has most of features I want, except the tabbed window (allowing opening several notebook at the same time). It is inconvenient if you want to open different notebooks; unless, you put all the notes in the same file. However, that may be too messy (well, it depends on the person).

The note-to-note linking feature is also very handy for jumping between notes (pages). But this feature is not as complete as in KeyNote. In KeepNote, you cannot link to the specified location inside a page; all you can do is to link the whole page. On the other hand, KeyNote allows you to mark the specific location inside a node (i.e. “page” in KeepNote) in a certain note file (which can be another one).

To make the note-to-note linking work well in KeepNote, you need to create a note (page) of one or two topics only. Otherwise, the linking would not be efficient. Maybe that’s what the creator of KeepNote has in mind.

Other features wanted:

  • Hot keys — to bring up or lower a page/folder to the next level (for fast typing).
  • Portable version — to take note everywhere in a USB thumb drive.

Besides these small drawbacks (maybe not for some people), I think KeepNote can be ready to become a handy note-taking software. 🙂

[Update 12/15/2009]

After trying KeepNote ver. 0.6 for a while, one thing that keeps bothering me is to indent the paragraph. The while experience is very different from what you do in other word precessors or editors.

When the cursor is in the beginning of a new line, you want to indent more, press Ctrl+) and nothing happens. Only after you have already typed something there, would the whole paragraph be indented more or less on your wish. This is rather strange.

What’s more strange is that when you press Enter on the indented paragraph, the cursor will go back to the unindented position, i.e. the beginning of a new line. You will need to press Ctrl+) again. And don’t forget to do so after typing something there. 🙄

Additional information on file structure:

KeyNote file:

  • Note (tabbed window) — Like “Section” in Microsoft’s OneNote
    • Node — Like “Page” in OneNote
      • Child node — Like “Subpage” in OneNote

KeepNote file:

  • Folder (you cannot add comment to the folder)
    • Page
      • Child page
  • Page
    • Child page
    • Folder

The “Folder” in KeepNote is not equal to the “Section” in OneNote or “Note” in KeyNote.

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