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Somewhat Improved Google Update?

July 10, 2009

As posted in Google Open Source Blog, Google Update, the automatic updater for Google Chrome and other applications, no longer runs in the background:

“Until now, Google Update would always run in the background, functioning primarily as a reliable scheduler performing update checks at periodic time intervals. With today’s release, Google Update now uses the Windows Task Scheduler to only run at periodic intervals.”

As so many users of Google application softwares (Chrome, Google Earth etc) look for solutions to remove that stealthy Google Updater, Google has finally responded to users’ ill feelings toward this automatic updater. Administrators can disable it using the Local Group Policy Editor. 🙄 Now you can change the period of checking for updates through Task Scheduler, and this task uninstall itself when there is no Google software using it.

That’s better, isn’t it? But it’s still not enough for me. Why don’t they let users decide whether they want the automatic update check or not? And how often do they want the Google Update to launch in the background? And how about Mac OS X users?

At this moment, I don’t run any Google software in my MacBook Pro. And I’d still remove every bit of this Google Update from my PC.

(via Google Operating System)

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