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Argerich’s Fantastic Playing of Prokofiev No. 3

June 21, 2009

Haven’t updated the blog for a while. 😳 Recently I am either busy at work or tired after cycling practice. Gather something interesting (to me at least) but haven’t had time to write.

Just a quick post of this video of the third moment of Prokofiev’s piano concerto no. 3 by Martha Argerich, accompanied by Mikhail Pletnev and UBS Verbier Festival Orchestra in 2007. Look at her hands during the coda! Notice that she was 66 at that time.

(If you don’t have time for the whole movement — that’s a pitty, you can go directly to 8:04)

Currently Martha is in Lugano Music Festival, which will be closed on June 29 (usally my birthday would be around the closing of the festival πŸ˜€ ; this year the closing is a little bit late). I wish a good success again. πŸ™‚


[Update: The clip was removed but you can find similar ones like this]

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