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Still Finding the Perfect E-Book Reader

June 4, 2009

In his recent review at New York Times of one of Kindle challengers. “Cool-er” (aka “Cool E-book Reader”), David Pogue concluded that “there’s so much fine print” under the fine screen of this e-book reader. Below is his video review:

Hmm.. I don’t have the chance to test this reader. However, I don’t like the way he refers the product as one of those made in Taiwan. Hello? How about those laptops or netbooks? One of the main manufactures of electronic paper display is based in Taiwan, Prime View International, which just announced the acquisition deal of US-based E link:

You may not know who Taiwan-based Prime View International is but the makers of the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader sure do. See, PVI is the company that builds the electronic paper displays for the world’s most popular ebook readers. Now, it’s also the expectant owner of US-based E Ink and all the associated patents that come with. The deal, if approved by government regulators, is expected to close by October. (Engadget)

Though I don’t like the tongue of this David Pogue’s review, I think he got some good points in what a perfect e-book reader should be for consumers. The perfect e-book reader in my mind should be:

  • Lighter weight
  • Cheaper than the current Kindle’s price
  • Having freedom to buy books from more than one place
  • Owning and controlling what you buy

Whether I can buy the books and get them instantly through the wireless connection is not really important for me. Granted that it’s very convenient that way but not as important as the above factors.

You can find more interesting responses about this “Cool-er” reader in MobileRead’s discussion here.


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