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Not An Easy Switch from Furl to Diigo

March 24, 2009

Recently I received a note from the Furl team that Furl is going to be closed and Furl users can transfer their save pages into Diigo. Last week I did, and what a nightmare.

I have two problems with using Diigo.

First, I went to the transfer page and followed up to Step 2, but I never received an email from Diigo. I was told that I would get it in 24 hours and I could start to use Diigo while they’re transferring the Furl links.

So, I installed Diigolet in my Firefox bookmark toolbar. After few days, I still couldn’t get my Furl links meanwhile I didn’t want to add the new links to to-be-defunct Furl. I tried to use Diigo. And that’s how my frustration began.

Secondly, I couldn’t sign in via Diigolet! I clicked at “Sign in” button, and it only let me type in my ID/Password for once. But nothing happened. Tried to sign in again but still nothing, even without the login popup. [See the updates below]

I contacted Diigo about my signin problem, and received a staple answer to ask me to make sure that my Furl ID/Password is correct. πŸ™„ I then went to Diigo site and found that I could login there (and still didn’t see my Furl links). Went back to try to login via Diigolet, and the problem remained.

To make the story short, Diigo said that I need to accept third-party cookies in Firefox (to make Diigolet work).

Accept third-party cookies in my Firefox all the time? Why would I want to do that? To scarify the security level in Firefox in order to use Diigo? Not other bookmark-sharing sites ask for the same thing.

Is there any other way to use Diigo without needing to accept third-party cookies? The Diigo team answered:

There are 2 other ways to save bookmarks.

1. Use diigo toolbar

2. Use post to diigo bookmarklet

Option 1 only works for IE, Flock and Firefox. Well, I didn’t that option for Firefox before. Besides, I also don’t want to install Diigo toolbar (for the same reason why I didn’t want to install Google toolbar). While Option 2 works, the way it handles the page I’m view is not as good as Delicious or Furl. Clicking at Diigo bookmarklet will transfer you to Diigo to add the description and tags and after save it & wait for several seconds, it finally moves the previous web page back to you. πŸ™„

Back to Diigolet. However, in Safari & Opera, I don’t have to accept the third-party cookies for Diigolet. But I prefer Firefox’s way to handle the cookies (“Ask me”). I only use Safari (at home) & Opera@USB (at work) with cookies disabled.

Diigo claimes its Diigolet

Much more powerful than bookmarklets offered by other social bookmarking sites, Diigolet is a “super bookmarklet” that allows you to highlight and add sticky-notes, in addition to simple bookmarking.”

Maybe it has more features than the ones offered in other sites, but accept third-party cookies all the time and scarify the security level in my browser so that I can use those fancy features? No way.

This is a really frustrating experience for me but interesting. Interesting in the sense to see how Diigo prefers the browsers for its toolbar (IE!) and how Diigo wants its users to use lower security settings in their browsers.

I’ll see whether Diigo can improve their designs of these Diigo tools. Meanwhile, I try to find a way to get back my Furl links to Delicious.

[Updates] (03/28/2009)

1. Export/Import

Three choices to export Furl links: (1) Furl XML (2) Zip archieve (cached Furl documents) (3) Browser bookmark. The (3) can be imported into Delicious without any problem (and much faster than Diigo)

2. Regarding login problem in Firefox via Diigolet I mentioned above.

The solution is based on harbor11’s tip: add “” in the exception list (set as “Always” or “Allow for sessions”). Before, I already put “” into the list, but it didn’t work.

Can’t understand how Diigo team came up with the solution asking Firefox users to accept third party cookies. πŸ™„

[Update] (05/07/2009)

Before Diigo retreat all my Furl links, Delicious already converted my Furl links (from the exported bookmarks). For a while I thought that I solved the Diigolet problem and could saved linke by Diigolet. Unfortunately, sometimes it did not. I had no time to degug what’s the cause. Though “Post to Diigo” button works, I wouldn’t completely trust them (due to so many problems as mentioned above) and now use Delicious as my main bookmark site and Diigo as backup.

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