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Is that Microsoft Surface in Quantum of Solace?

March 18, 2009

When I saw the part where the analyst showed Bond and M how this bill came from,

“Is that Surface from Microsoft?” was the first thought in my mind. 😛

Recently, BBC News gave a story of the 2nd-generation Surface, which is still in the development state.

Surface is a multi-touch computer in the shape of a table, with a flat screen that can “read” multi-touch gestures, as well as content from printed material placed onto the device, thanks to five cameras inside the machine. (BBC News)

I mentioned this in my post, “Future Design of User Experience“. Since then, the release of Apple’s iPhone has demonstrated how much fun one can have with that multi-touch interface (well, at least that’s what I heard of 😉 ).

The machine will also have infrared sensors that can interpret gestures and movements without having to touch the screen. (BBC News)

Maybe later we’ll be able to do what Tom Cruise did in Minority Report (retreating information by moving his hand in the air). 😀

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