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Kindle 2 Review Matrix from Gizmodo

February 26, 2009

Gizmodo summarizes the reviews from three reviewers, Ed Baig (USA Today), Steven Levy (Wired) and David Pogue (NYT).

The conclusion is:

Kindle 2 is better than its predecess, and is close to an ideal ebook.

I have no objection. For one thing, Kindle 2 looks much better. Smoother handling. However, there are still some other things you want Kindle 2 has, which depend on your preferences. For instance, IMO, display colorful pages. Not all the books are black-and-white. Better conversion from PDF files, if Amazon still doesn’t want to make Kindle support PDF format*. And, most important, let people outside US can enjoy it too. 😉

* Note: It’s not that I think PDF is a good file format for ebook. It’s just that many documents are presented in PDF format. One drawback of reading PDF in an ebook reader is that you can not change the font size during the reading. All you can do, it’s to zoom in everything. These two things are not the same. You can test them with Firefox’s zoom feature, which allow you to zoom with text only.

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