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Try out New Features in Zotero 1.5 Beta

February 25, 2009

Zotero releases 1.5 Beta, which offers many exciting features for more convenient organization. Take a look at this screencast.


  • Between multiple computer/laptop
  • At
  • To a server of your choice

Better handling of collections:

  • Undo the recent deletion
  • Notes in rich-text format
  • New style manager
  • Automatic detection of PDF metadata
  • Automatic detection & support for proxy servers

Undo option should be there before. I once accidentally delete some items. 😦

Upon this release, Zotero also offers new website features:

  • Online personal library
  • WYSIWYG CV creator, coupled to your Zotero collection.
  • Social networking features

My upgrade from 1.0 to 1.5b is very smooth. After the upgrade, I uninstalled 1.0 add-on. You can check the compatibility issue here. If, unfortunately, you run into troubles during the installation, check out the instruction here.

You can create your account in Zotero Sync Server in Preferences/Sync. If you already have a forum account, it will be automatically converted to a Zotero account. Great!

For more information about synchronization, check out this online help.

I will try this new style manager and see how it is to work with MS Word. 🙂  Get more citation styles here. You can make a request for those you need but are not in their repository.

Don’t forget to download & install the new Word Processor plugins for 1.5 beta. The old ones don’t work with this version.

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