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Happy Birthday, Mendelssohn

February 4, 2009

February 3rd is Mendelssohn’s birthday, the 200th. Thanks for the reports from the media and blogs, I was aware of his birthday before it’s passed, unlike Sarasate’s one. 😐

I don’t know Mendelssohn well. I first learned his music through his violin concerto (played by Heifetz and Oistrakh) and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Previn & London Symphony EMI) Also two of his symphonies, the famous No. 3 & No. 4. Later, the Octet, op. 20 and piano trios (Hmm.. have to check the CDs). Besides the first two works, his concerto for violin and piano (Kremer & Argerich, DG) is one of my favorites too. πŸ™‚

Currently Performance Today is broadcasting the special program for this. Fred Child talked about Mendelssohn on this post, “Mendelssohn: cute kid, and multi-media artist“.

Here you can learn more about Mendelssohn, including the new finding:

Definitely there should be more coming in February. I’ll add them up here if I find them.

PS1: πŸ˜• Can you imagine that a child like this

would grow up like that

PS2: February 2nd is the birthday of two greatest violinists in the history, Fritz Kreisler (1875–1962) and Jascha Heifetz (1901–1987).

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