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SpeedCrunch – Fast Desktop Scientific Calculator

January 30, 2009

I have an old Sharp Calculator (EL-556D) that I have used for, well, very long time. The main reason I like it very much is because it carries 30 physical constants, which is very helpful for my study and work.

When I first owned a Sony Clie PDA, I looked for something similar and that’s Calcul-8! v.1.1.2. It is one of the best free scientific calculator for PDA, which carries scientific constants and unit conversion support. Later I installed it in my Palm TE2

But didn’t find a similar one for my PC or laptop until now.

SpeedCrunch (doesn’t sound like a calculator) is a fast and powerful desktop calculator available not only for windows but also Linux and Mac OS. It has scientific constants listed in five categories, e.g. astronomy, physics, and physico-chemical etc. It doesn’t have all I need, like masses of some fundamental particles and Bohr magneton etc, but, surprisingly, it has constants like magnetic flux quantum and resistance quantum. Since it supports unlimited variables, you can define your owns. As long as you don’t delete them all, it will remember them next time you start it.

Other than the constants, it has a built-in library of mathematical functions and common equations for calculating 3D and 2D objects. With the syntax highlighting and function automatic completion, typing the calculation in SpeedCrunch is very handy.

Check out SpeedCrunch (via Lifehacker) and its portable version.

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