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Sarasate – Navarra

January 19, 2009

Listen to this:

David & Igor Oistrakh play Navarra by Sarasate

Amazing piece, isn’t it? 😀 When I first heard it from the CD of “David & Igor Oistrakh” I recently purchased, I couldn’t get it away my head. I played it again and again. That’s really unusual of me. The sound quality of the above video is quite poor. If you want to appreciate the Oistrakhs’ performance, you better get this CD.

Sarasate was a Navarra-born violinist and composer, and last year was marked as his 100th death anniversary (b. 1844; d. 1908). This wasn’t well recognized by those big music companies, but his homeland did cast out a series of concerts and other activities to celebrate this event. Plus, Gil Shaham.

Here is the list of recordings selected by programme organizer of Navarra.

Related information:

  • Promotional video tour of Navarra (very beautiful place! I hope I can go there some time)

PS: Starting around 1:13 in David & Igor’s video (about 1:16 in the CD) till 1:40, what does it sound to you? 😉

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