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Portable Google Chrome without GoogleUpdate

September 5, 2008

If you want to try Google Chrome but don’t want this GoogleUpdate.exe installed, you can check out this portable version created by Carsten (in German), which has all the features available  — except the Update. Just upzip it into a USB stick or even somewhere in your PC, and then you can start to test it without hassle. [Windows only]

The self-extraction file is about 11.3MB and after the extraction, the size is about 43.1MB at the fresh start. Start Chrome by clicking at ChromeLoader. Make some changes in “Options” to suit your need.  Note that in this portable version it already disables sending usage statics and crash report to Google, unlike the official one. Also, you may want to uncheck “Use a suggestion service …” under “Search Engine” in “Options” if you have this concern (CNET News). After you import the bookmarks and settings from other browsers, you can start to test Google Chrome.

(different color theme for the logo)

I’m going to uninstall the official desktop Chrome (and remove the directories after the uninstallation and CCleaner the registry).

PS: As for Opera USB Portable: zipped files are about 6.76 MB and around 9.42 MB after the extraction. The size is still small, 33 MB, after running for a while.

(via Digital Inspiration)

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