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Mozilla Picks Best Extensions for Firefox 3

August 22, 2008

Mozilla Labs picks the winners of their official Extend Firefox 3 Contest. These extensions target on the new features in Firefox 3.

Best New Add-ons:

Runners-Up for Best New Add-on

  • Webchunks: implementing Internet Explorer Webslices for Firefox 3
  • Badges on Favicona: putting an iPhone-like informative rounded badges over the tab windows
  • Devo: a command launcher for Firefox, like Quicksilver on Mac
  • Close ‘N Forget: when clicking at it, it deletes the page from your history and its cookies (nice, isn’t it? 😉 ).
  • Callout: notification services for Javascript in Firefox (Growl, and alike)
  • Reasy: make a pop up for any text you select in Firefox and play it to you using Rapid Sequential Visual Presentation (RSVP). Check out its tutorial to get some idea.

Best Updated Add-on

  • Read It Later: allowing you to save pages of interest to read later (but not necessarily to bookmark it). It can sync the reading list between computers or let you read offline.
  • TagSifter: adding a tag cloud in your Firefox
  • Bookmark Previews: as the name describes

Best Mustic Add-on

  • integrating into your Firefox

I don’t know most of them. 😐 After reading the coverage by Gina from Lifehacker, I installed Read It Later to try. It might be helpful for me when reading the news (if later I do find time to read them 😳 ).

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