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Vladimir Horowitz – the Original Jacket Collection

August 21, 2008

This 10-CD collection is on sale here. Since I only have few Horowitz’s CDs, this was a good chance for me to own his collection. Ordered it yesterday and received the package this morning. Fantastic! 😀

The price I paid for this is about $50, released in 2008’s summer. Another identical collection, released in 2001 is priced at $100. Later, I heard that the cheaper one is the recent European release ( € 43.97; there’s another pricy one in 2004). But what’s the meaning of “Limited Edition” on the box? 😕

According to Classics Today’s review, this collection doesn’t have extra goodies (no multi-media components), and since the content of the CDs is identical with that in LPs, the playtime is less than what we normally expect in current CDs. Still, It’s a bargain to get this collection at $50.

Booklet and 10 CDs with original LP jackets.

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