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One-Day Bicycle Trips from Prague – Part I

August 7, 2008

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When I looked up the information about Prague over the internet, I found the information about guided bicycle tours and bicycle rentals in Prague. That’s interesting! I made a note of shops where I can rent a bicycle for self-guided tour in the last two days of my trip. Among them, only City Bike and Praha Bike have English-friendly web site. Later, through googling, I also found AVE Travel. AVE Travel’s site provides more detailed information about one-day bicycle trips from Prague. Judging from the bicycles offered in these places, Praha Bike and AVE Travel were more suitable for me (City Bike is better for bicycle tours in the downtown).

During my contacts with these two, I found the information from AVE Travel was more helpful (recommended). Especially, their product manager, who replied my email and explained me about the one-day trips when I visited their office. 🙂 You can even rent a GPS from them and their price was quite good. I was going to rent the bike from them for the weekend.

Unfortunately, the weather on Saturday morning — my first biking day — wasn’t good. It’s dripping on and off. I had to canceled the reservation 😦 because I was uncertain whether it’s going to rain heavily or not. I didn’t have water-proofed gears. But what a strange weather! Sometimes it was OK (cloudy) and later rained a little bit. Near 11 am I decided to chance it.

Since the office of AVE Travel didn’t open during the weekend, I rented a bike in Praha Bike. It’s late for my initial plan to go to Karlštejn castle and Svatý Jan pod Skalou, so I put that route on the 2nd day and went to Divoká Šárka, and maybe Okoř castle if I could.

Well, the staff from Praha Bike wasn’t really helpful in the biking trail instruction, since two of them I talked to didn’t go to these places. 😐 Probably I didn’t ask enough questions, I guess. That’s why in the first hour of my bicycle trip after leaving from Dejvická metro I had a hard time to find the trails. 😕 Well, the staff did gave me a map of bike trails with numbers. “It’s really simple, just following the sign and the right direction” said the staff. But he didn’t tell me where to look for the signs!

To be continued …

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