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It’s OK to Quit

July 12, 2008

Just as usual, I took the Weekly Health Quiz in New York Times during the weekend. The first question of the quiz of the week of July 11 said:

Ater coming down with nausea, a cough and feelings of unease during a weekend bike ride, he visited his local emergency room, only to discover he was …

  1. Suffering from “walking” pneumonia.
  2. Having a hear attack.
  3. In the throes of hearstroke.
  4. Having a panic attack.

The answer is “having a heart attack”. This question got my attention, not because I got the answer wrong but because on my last biking trip I had these strange feelings — nausea, weak & breathless* — when I climbed on the last slope. When I stopped for a rest at the first time, I also didn’t want to quit. But at the 2nd time, I gave up.

Well, I’m not 50 yet, and my cause shouldn’t be the heart attach since I was able to ride back (another 40 km) — though still weak in the beginning — and felt all right next day. However, it’s very important that never push yourself in any activities by ignoring your discomfort or pain. These feelings are some warning signs from your body. You need to listen to them and think what you should do with them (I feel that I was talking like the character Aud in “Always” by Nicola Griffith ).

See also: Not a Moment Too Soon, I Thought of Tim Russert (New York Times)

* No chest pain this time, though I have that ocassionally during my daily activities. Don’t know why. 😕

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