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Quick-Start Guides to Firefox 3

June 18, 2008

Check out these features if you haven’t been convinced to install Firefox or upgrade to ver. 3.

  • Demo of some best features in Firefox 3

If you already install Firefox 3, you may want to know

  • Power User’s Guide to Firefox 3 (Lifehacker) – some tweaks you might find them helpful. For instance, to adjust the number of suggestion in Smart Location Bar, or to set mailto application to GMail if you don’t have Better GMail 2 add-on.
  • Select & copy multi-line text (Digital Inspiration) – select some text in the first line and hold Ctrl (or Cmd on Macs) while selecting text in another line.

You can also try Firefox in a USB thumb drive. Portable Firefox 3.0 is available too (That’s fast!).

Additional Note:

For updating Portable Firefox 3.0, somehow the new Firefox cannot recognize the bookmarks.htm in Data/profile folder. It’s not that you lose them. I don’t know how to fix it, so I just use MozBackup to restore the bookmark file back (using the restore option in Portable App Backup doesn’t work). If the profile is backuped from the desktop version, don’t restore “General Settings” in the Portable Firefox. It would make Portable Firefox “fatter” (regarding the way they deal with cache).

No problem for updating the desktop version.


Here is my certificate (get yours here)

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