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Opera Portable in a Thumb Drive

June 15, 2008

Well, it’s not that I want to ditch Firefox. It’s just that so metimes, especially during the web search, I prefer not to accept cookies from unknown sites. I can change the setting in the preferences but it would cause problem when I visit sites I trust, or I just press Alt-D every time when visiting unknown sites. I’m a little paranoid, I know.

In Mac OS, I can use Sarafi for that purpose. But in Windows, I don’t want to install Sarafi. So, when I heard that one can try the latest Opera, 9.5, in a USB thumb drive, this would be the solution for my cookie paranoid. Besides, I got the chance to try out these fancy features, like Speed Dial and Note-taking, Auto-fill wand etc (no, I’m not interested in built-in torrent client; can’t use it at work any way 😐 ).

To install Opera USB with Portable Apps Menu (thanks for adoucette at Lifehacker), you can

  • Go to the discussion at and download the link with Opera USB.
  • Install the above software from Portable Apps Menu. At this point, you haven’t installed the core program yet.
  • Go to Opera@USB to download Opera 9.5 Update. Extrat the content to the “PortableApps\Opera-UsbPortable\App\opera927en” folder.

That’s it! The size of the installation program is much much smaller than Firefox Portable Test (FF v. 3.0 RC2, which needs 50 MB more in space). Besides, though I don’t know how, when I started Opera USB for the first time, it automatically imported my bookmarks & site history in Firefox (running at the same time). I only modified some of settings in Preferences, especially those for History & Cookies.

I still haven’t had time to explore various features, but that’s enough for the moment. 🙂

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