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One Day of Tour de France

June 1, 2008

Play Magazine of New York Times is currently featuring a blog called “The Climb“, One Day of the Tour de France — How Hard Can It Be. This one-day Tour de France is an annual time race, called L’Étape du Tour (that is, “Stage of the Tour”), which lets 8,500 cycling fans ride their bikes on one of the hardest segments of each year’s course, just few days before the professional teams arrive.

How hard can it be? Well, check out the altitude of the route:

You’ll need to climb up 1926 m! Amateur cyclists will need to tackle the two challenges of this stage: the Col du Tourmalet via la Mongie, a climb of 17 km plus at a 7.5% gradient, ending with Hautacam, a climb of 14 km at a 7.2 % gradient.

To see how it went last year, check out this video (where you also can watch several videos of Cycling 101 to learn more about cycling). Check this for more details on this year’s route and this video at YouTube (“Col du tourmalet”, the highest point of this route).

The blogger of The Cimb, Rob Mackey, is 41 years old and a novice cyclist. For cycling, he is even more novice than I am. Maybe I can do it too? But how much does it cost? 😕 Just a quick search, Etape du Tour entry only is £125 or $295.

Some day I’ll do it. Some day. When I’m out of my mind.

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