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Whose Press Photo? Asus? MSI?

May 30, 2008

The battle field of sub-notebook is quite hot recently, as more players come here. Asus Eee PC (7″, 8.9″ and latter 10″), HP Mini-Note 2133 (8.9″), and MSI, who recently introduced its Wind on May 13 in Taiwan (officially on sale on June 6 at Computex Taipei 2008*).

Despite the different storage system and the CPU, Asus Eee PC and MSI Wind have similar looks in their products, and …

even the press photos!

Apparently, both Asus and MSI bought the same stock photo, and then mainuplated it with their own product. The original photo had been used by another well-known company for their notebook product. Do you know which company? Well the answer is …

Apple’s iBook!

(via Engadget – Chinese)

*PS: Don’t forget there’s another one, Acer, the most mysterious player who wouldn’t release its product information until Computex Taipei.

I’m thinking to buy one in this category … 😳 I already went to check Acer Eee PC 900 & HP Mini-Note. Now just wait for MSI Wind and Acer (Aspire One?)

PPS: Also Dell’s Mini-inspiron.

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