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Recent Catches: Better Gmail and New York Times Reader

May 26, 2008
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I have been quite busy (and stressed) at work, so I have missed some of interesting stuff until the past weekend.

1. New update in Better Gmail 2

… adds Firefox 3 compatibility, the absolutely beautiful Gmail Redesigned skin, the oft-requested HTML signatures, bottom posting, and a reintroduction of the much-missed Filter Assistant, plus several other script updates and fixes. (Lifehacker)

The redesigned skin looks awesome.
(from Lifehacker)

If you have problem in installation, download the extension from the mirror site.

2. New York Times Reader Beta

Adam gave the review of New York Times Reader (beta test) at Lifehacker. Soon, New York Times released the version for Mac (see Gina’s post).

(from Lifehacker)

Good things about this reader are

  • Better reading experience
  • Fewer ads (hmm… for the moment?)
  • Customization on the page’s layout

But in Adam’s initial test, the reader takes some time to load the content. Plus, to run the reader, you need .Net 3.0 for Windows version and Silverlight for Mac. Though .Net 3.0 is ready in Windows Vista machines, many people don’t have that with Windows XP. And Mac users are usually reluctant to install MS softwares.

I already have .Net 3.0 installed in Windows XP (for testing some software based on this framework). Maybe I’ll give the reader a try. If it’s too slow, I’d rather read the articles online. However, the Times reader is not free any more. It costs $6.95 a month or $69 a year in their special offers. No wonder that it has fewer ads. I was thinking how this would work, considering the online subscription is free (with ads though) now.

Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather read it online with my Firefox + Adblock plus.

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