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Finally Callas is Here

May 1, 2008
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Her complete Studio Recording (69 CDs + 1 CD of Libretti & Pictures +  a booklet)

Maria Callas Complete Studio Recordings

It took a little bit longer than what I expected (see my purchase post). Shipped as M-Bag by USPS international surface air lift (ISAL). They used an bubble envelope but the outer cover was still damaged on some parts of the edges despite the plastic wrapping . I suspected they aren’t due to the international delivery. Anyway, I am not very upset about this. It’s just a cover.

Running the problem in the material CD will copy a folder the lbretti & pictures into you deskstop — very simple program, and the folder is only 6.74 MB, including a 1.91-MB photo gallery in PDF (only 20 pages!). Why don’t they put more stuff in the CD-ROM? 🙄 Consider this: 69 CDs for only 19 photos? 😐 And the libretto PDF file doesn’t have story outline for each opera. Not mention the lyrics for the songs in the recital recordings. 👿

All right, I already knew these before I placed the order. I certainly cannot shred an arm & a leg for the limited deluxe edition for better box (wooded)

I’m content with the music it offers. 🙂

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