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Personal Library Organizer Softwares

March 20, 2008

Several freewares (or donateware) for personal collection organizer. I haven’t tried them though. Still keep my collection of books and movies in an Excel file (as for CDs, still no progress 😐 ).

Libra (windows only)

It’s a library software to organize books, CDs, movies & games. You can even use your webcame as a barcode scanner. However, I’m not sure that it can handle multi-region DVD collection. 😕

Tellico (linux only)

Tellico is a KDE application for organizing your collections. It comes with default templates for many collections, even for wine. The data is saved in XML format, so it is easier to export your data to visualize it. It supports several import and export formats (including BibTeX!) and can import information directly from several web sites, like Amazon’s, IMDB and PubMed. This is more interesting to me but too bad that it doesn’t have windows or Mac port.

As for Mac users, the closest thing I can find, also freeware, is

It’s an open-source book cataloging application for Mac OSX.

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