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Ript for Web Clipping (& Other Similar Tools)

February 8, 2008

Ript – Organize your thoughts, tasks, inspirations, ambitions and so much more.” (via Digital Inspiration)

In one word, Ript is a Windows-only software for clipping the text and images from the web site: You collect them into a pile and then arrange the scraps to build the pages. You can export the page into a JPEG to share with friends. Currently Ript supports IE and Firefox (not the v.3)

Certainly Ript’s appearance looks fancy (the “ripped-paper” effect on the edges). However, if I really need to do some clippings, I will just use some online tools. Zoho Notebook is more powerful and has many features. However, Zoho Notebook currently can only export to MHTML (work in IE only 😦 ). That will not be my choice until it supports more open formats (well, I can print it to PDF if I want but … )

I actually have Microsoft OneNote on my PC, but I often just use

  • Google Documents or Google Notebook, if I want to keep them online for access elsewhere
  • ScrapBook Firefox add-on, if I want to collect the web page (with limited editing) on my PC
  • KeyNote (note-taking software), if I don’t need the images

Also see my old post about comparing Google Notebook & ScrapBook. The interface of Google Notebook has been changed.

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