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Update Audio Softwares

January 1, 2008
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Really busy in Decemeber. Finally on the first day of 2008 I have time to work on my computer. 😉

Update foobar2000 to 0.9.5

I just installed the new version on top of ver 0.9.3. Didn’t have any problem with my previous plugins ad settings.

Update Exact Audio Copy from 0.95 to 0.99pb3

Well, this would be tricky. First, the new version can’t load the old profiles. Second, it can’t work with REACT2. Some suggested that install 0.99 in parallel with 0.95 and then configure the settings in the new version by opening both programs. I used another method.

For EAC 0.99pb3:

  • Take screenshots of the settings in the old version, including EAC, Drive & Compression options. You may want to copy the command-line option in external compression for each encoder in a text file.
  • Download and install EAC 0.99pb3
  • Run EAC/Configuration Wizard. Follow the instructions like Hydrogenaudio’s wiki or this guide (more screenshots). Both are written for the old version, but they are still useful here. Make sure you choose “I prefer to have accurate results” and then “I don’t trust these values, deteact the features for my drive”
  • Check your EAC & Drive options with your old settings (now you’ll see how useful it is if you took the screenshots earlier on).
  • Configure Compression Options/External Compression. Save the settings for each encoder into its corresponding profile (overwrite it if you don’t use the old version any more). You can consult the guides mention above.

The 0.99pb3 comes with FLAC. Regarding the bit-rate setting, here is the general rule on quality (To add tags, you need add flags. Check either guides):

  • LAME (MP3): -V 2 –vbr-new
  • Ogg Voribs: -q6 (get the encoder based on aoTuV)
  • FLAC: -5 (normal compression)


If you already install REACT 2, you just need the mod files to work with EAC 0.99pb3.

  • Back up your REACT.ini.
  • Download the zip files from here and extract them into REACT2 directory.
  • You may need to make some change in the current REACT.ini (like your default folders for the ripped files and compression quality settings etc)

If you haven’t used REACT 2, you can go to here to get the installation file. After that, download the mod file. Please check my previous post.

During this upgrade, I noticed that people in Hydrogenaudio have switched to AlbumArtDownloader from the original CverartDownloader (development stopped). I disabled CoverartDownloader in REACT.ini, as mentioned before. At that time I didn’t want to try AlbumArtDownloader because of the required package .NET framework 3.0. I have given in to install .NET framework 3.0 so that I could run some other programs ( 😐 ). Anyway, here are few steps to incorporate AlbumArtDownloader with REACT2.

  • Get the latest installation file and install it. You can use the default path.
  • Open REACT.ini and change the CoverDownloader to be the actual path of AlbumArt.exe, i.e. “CoverDownloader=C:\Program Files\AlbumArtDownloader\AlbumArt.exe”
  • Set CoverDownloaderXUI=1 if you want the program to deal with non-JPEG files. If you only prefer jpeg, then set it to 0.
  • Add “CoverDownloaderLocalPath=your album art directory” if you want to select the picture file from you local directory (see REACT:Mods Wiki or see this post for more detailed information)

That’s all. Quite a lot of work for in writing these steps down in case I forget later. 😛

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