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Facebook’s Approach

December 2, 2007

I am not a Facebook user, and probably will never be. However, I often heard of it through reading news in the technology section, and have found the news stories, especially those related to its founder Mr. Zuckerberg, are amusing. 😉

From BBC News (Nov. 30, 2007)

Facebook members have forced the social networking site to change the way a controversial ad system worked.

More than 50,000 Facebook users signed a petition calling on the company to alter or abandon its Beacon advertising technology.When Facebook users shopped online, Beacon told friends and businesses what they looked at or bought.

Many considered the data sharing to be an intrusion that exposed them to more scrutiny than was comfortable.

Bits from New York Times posted an in-depth story how Facebook changed the appearance of Beacon alert since its released on Nov. 6. You can see it clearly that Facebook does not want you have an easy way out of this ad system. Even in the latest version on Thursday’s night (Nov. 29), you still need to know where to op-out of Beacon on one site (in “Settings”), but not all sites. Louise Story from Bits said,

Facebook executives say they do not want to add a universal opt-out button because then users would not be able to try out Beacon on different sites to see what it can offer. One Facebook executive predicts that consumers may “fall in love” with Beacon once they understand it. Only time will tell.

Right. 🙄

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