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September 28, 2007

I never heard of Malmö until this summer, after USPS increased the shipping charges and dropped the surface mail in mid May. Now many retailers ship international orders en route Malmö, Sweden, and let Swedish Post handle the international shipping.

The information at Wiki said Malmö had a troubled economic situation following the mid 70s, and had Sweden’s largest unemployment rate in 1995. The situation has become better recently, especially because of Oresund Bridge connected to Copenhagen. I wonder whether shipping business there is flourishing. 😕

In the past, the package sent via USPS standard airmail took 7-10 days
to arrive. Now, it takes about three weeks to arrive here. Though slower
than airmail, it’s still much faster than the old surface mail service
from USPS (which could be 8 weeks). The shipping cost is cheaper than
USPS Priority Mail (now the only option for international mail –
letters and packages).

Among those who use Swedish Post, BetterWorld has the cheapest international shipping charge, $2.97+$0.05 (Carbonfree Shipping). Flat rate, no matter it’s a hardcover or a paperback. 🙂

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