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Playing Some Damaged CD

September 16, 2007

Recently I took out a CD of Emil Gilels playing Brahms’s Piano Concerto No. 2 & Fantasien op. 116 from my collection. Before inserting it into my CD player, I did my usual examination on the reading side. I saw some molds accompanied with some black dots. 😦

These black dots, after I gently cleaned the CD, turned out to be three holes, each 0.5 mm in diameter! 😯

OK, not exactly three holes, since the plastic part was still there and only the aluminum part disappeared. My Marantz CD player couldn’t handle the loss data there, delivering un-Brahms-like sound through the speakers. I finally saved this CD by using Exact Audio Copy (EAC) to rip it (along with REACT2). I wasn’t sure that EAC can save it and expected to see EAC hanging around those very spots for a long time, but in fact not.

I don’t have any idea how these microscopic fungi ate up three circular dots. 😕

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