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Attach Sticky Notes in Thunderbird

September 8, 2007

XNote extension can let you

  • Add notes to messages
  • highlight messages with notes
  • Resizable notes

That sounds great, doesn’t it?

When I tried it, I found that it automatically added a tag “XNote” on the message. However, the sticky note I just added didn’t show up when I open the message window. After looking for it for a while, it seems that only modifying the note is the only way to bring it up front. Besides, if you move the cursor to another message before closing the sticky note you just wrote (save it), it will add XNote tag on both messages, even though the latter one doesn’t have a sticky note. I think this is somehow a bug.

I prefer that the sticky note will show up when I open the message window or when the mouse cursor moves over the message. Anyway, the basic idea — writing a reminder — is accomplished but it still have room for improvement.

XNote was developed by StarXpert. Here is their official announcement and you can find the direct link to download the latest version.

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