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Tweaks in Firefox without Add-ons

August 5, 2007

Are you familiar with Firefox features? I started to use Firefox as my default browser in early 2004, and there are still some features or tweaks I’m not aware of. Here are fews I just learn:

Undo closed tab

To get back the tab you just closed, what can you do? You can look it up at “Recently Closed Tabs” under History menu. Another shortcut is to right-click at the tab area and select “Undo Close Tab”. Its corresponding keyboard shortcut is Ctrl-Shift-T (Windows) or Cmd-Shift-T (Mac).

Browser bookmarklets and keyword bookmarking

What special in Firefox’s bookmarklets is that you can set them up as keyword bookmarklets. You can use bookmark keywords not only to do web searches, but also to navigate to your favorite sites and its inner pages. Even with just few key strokes.

To understand more about this feature, you can read Gina’s guide, the art of keyword bookmarking.

Inline spell check

This feature is very important to me, since I often make mistakes in spelling. 😛 Before Firefox, I relied on Google Toolbar in IE for this.

Though the current dictionary may not be in a well-established state, you can make it better if you know how-to. This guide tells you how to

  • add multiple words to Firefox dictionary in one step
  • merge Microsoft Word custom dictionary With Firefox
  • download additional dictionaries for Firefox 2
  • remove entries from Firefox 2 dictionary added by mistake

More in “Top 10 Firefox features that don’t required extensions“.

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